• What is MTS
    MTS is a treatment for the skin care, which makes a number of holes into a skin with micro needles. It can be made a path to absorb some serums or medicine into deep skin. Additionally, the Elastin and Collagen is automatically regenerated from healing the hole. MTS treatment is effective on acne scar, stretch mark, skin care(whitening, wrinkle…), and you can use it with PRP, Scalp, IPL and others.
Depth Speed Specification
0.2 ~ 0.75mm 1~2 Input AC 100 ~ 250V
0.75 ~ 1.25mm 2~3 Output DC 5V
1.25 ~ 2.0mm 3~4 Weight 78g
Frequency 50 ~ 60HZ
Level Speed Dimension 147 X ø28mm
1 4200rpm (65~70Times/sec) Operation mode AutoMTS / Permanent make up
2 4800rpm (75-80Times/sec)  Needle Depth  0.1 ~ 2mm
3 5400rpm (85~90Time/sec)
4 6000rpm (95~100Time/sec)